An electric tankless water heater is one of the very best ways for you to always have hot water instantly and never, ever run out of it! Even though you can buy a tankless heater that is powered by natural gas or propane, you generally will get more efficient service from an electric model. With electric models, you won’t be paying extra for the fuel that is needed to send gas fumes up the chimney. Our Ultimate Guide for choosing Best Electric Water Heaters for your home and office use.

Tankless water heaters continue to grow in popularity because they give you hot water fast and efficiently. They are sometimes called on-demand. As water flows through the unit, it is heated by electrical components in the unit itself. No water is stored in the unit except for the water that actually runs through the heat exchanger coil. You might want to install more than one point-of-use unit throughout your home. These point-of-use units can be located far away from your central heater and still work efficiently. Or, you have the option of just installing one large unit which will more than provide you with enough water for your entire home.

One of the best advantages of going tankless is that you will have a very energy-efficient way to heat your water. With older traditional tank heaters, you pay for hot water even though you aren’t using it. With tankless heaters, no energy is ever wasted to store your water, continually reheating it.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters

You will absolutely love the performance that you will get from an electric tankless water heater. Not only will you have very few maintenance costs, you can depend on having hot water anywhere and any time you want it. You likely will be able to install smaller tankless units by yourself, which will save you on initial expenditures. And, you won’t need a large area to place the unit because it easily can be mounted under your sink or even on a wall. These popular devices are desirable and economic ways for you to join others in conserving our world’s precious energy.