In the past the 40th birthday marked the starting of middle age for most people, but now a days with our ever-rising lifespan and fit attitudes forty has become the new twenty. Some even look forward to their fortieth birthdays as a chance to show that they still carry a craze for life. Try coming up with some special and wild ideas for your 40th birthday party. Go-rock climbing, go to a club with old friends for the first time in years, go bungee jumping or take a piloting lesson.

40th birthday party ideas

A party with a red theme can be a remarkable for celebrating the 40th birthday party. Buy some ruby red fortieth birthday dangles, scatter some red glitter around the party place, and even a multicolored metallic star centerpiece can accent the shine at the party, especially when its base is wrapped in metallic red foil.

A 40th birthday party can also be daring. You are the celebrity of the event, after all. Look for plates, napkins and table cover with a dark background and the number forty boldly printed on the front in a light color such as purple or blue. You can accent these with plain plastic black silverware. Even party invitations can be found with this amazing look. One great idea for entertainment is hiring Samba dancers to come put on a show dressed in carnival type attire. This kind of show very uplifting for all of your guests at the especially with a milestone birthday party like this it’s very important to bring something different.

Guests bringing presents to the party can target on the ruby theme. If you want, you can buy a necklace or other piece of jewelry with a little ruby set in it. Or purchase a ruby colored paperweight. Even the gift wrap can be that dark red ruby in color.

Kids are welcome at your party, do not forget to entertain them too! Include things like party bags, balloons filled with activities/goodies, and simple party food to appeal to children taste buds.

If you are supplying beverages for your guests make sure there are a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Perhaps theme drinks to go with your theme.

Music perfectly select and play music during your party. Pick music that will cater for all flavors. Music is top played in the “background”. People still want to be capable to discuss to one another without yelling. Do not forget to turn music off during any speeches that may be needed.

Have fun! Although it is vital that your guests have fun, do not forget to enjoy your party too!